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Established in 2011,Sunny CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company developing and marketing high-grade intelligent numerical control equipment,a national high-tech enterprise.Over the years, Sunny company has adhered to the road of combining production, learning and research, independent innovation and development, invested a large amount of R&D funds, allocated necessary resources for R&D, built a high-level R&D team, completed more than 20 scientific research projects, obtained more than 10 patents of technology, and developed more than 10 High-tech Products.

Sunnys  high-grade intelligent CNC turning and milling composite machine tool and other products not only occupy the largest share of the Chinese market, but also sell well in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia and more than ten countries and regions.Till August,2018,Famous Enterprises such as HUAWEI,GREE,MIDEA,FOXCONN,OPPLE have purchased intelligent NC equipment to support its precision processing to meet the ultimate quality needs.Sunny is the world’s top-grade manufacturer of high-grade intelligent numerical control equipment.  




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